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Leadership Retreats | Practice Transformation Institute

Leadership Retreats

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Practice Retreats can be offered at a site of your choice. Retreats can be designed for physicians, individual practice teams, or large groups of practice teams. Tailored training and more in-depth subject matter related to practice transformation will be developed upon request. Retreats can be designed for half day to two day sessions, and more than one topic can be covered at a given retreat.

  • Physician Leadership: Leading Practice Transformation (requires 1 day minimum)
  • Team Building: Redesigning the Practice Team (requires 1 day minimum)
  • Building & Sustaining a Culture of Change in Your Practice (requires 1 day minimum)
  • Quality Improvement: Tools & Techniques to Support Transformation (requires 2 days)
  • PCMH Boot Camp: Tools & Techniques to Frame Transformation (requires 1 day minimum)